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Video for communication D’Company: why not you ?

Video is an effective communication medium for companies. However, making a corporate film so far required dedicated creatives and substantial means. Many entrepreneurs have therefore given up this powerful lever.

Today, this tool has become more accessible. You will be able to use it easily to strengthen the commitment of your employees and your customers.

Why integrate the video in your communication D’business ?

For several decades, marketers have demonstrated the effectiveness of Business communication video. It is indeed accessible, attractive and capable of becoming viral. As a result, this media concretely promotes the visibility of brands and the conversion of their targets.

The tool gradually widened its field of action with the digital management of management.

Audiovisual production is now unavoidable To establish a good marketing and communication strategy. It saves time in all levels (viewing, production and realization). You will be able to limit the efforts made, capture the viewer’s attention and optimize the impact of your messages.

For internal communication

For internal communication

Thanks to their concise and universal character, video content will allow you to communicate effectively internally. That’Does internal communication ? These are the various actions deployed by the company in order to have a better connection with its employees. This approach is often wrongly reduced to its informative aspect.

However, the goal is toEstablish a real dialogue between the company and the employees. Thus, the latter should also be able to send messages. The video allows you to promote exchanges thanks to a practical tool like Kannelle.

With the application, everyone can make a corporate video in fifteen minutes on their laptop (capture, assembly, postproduction, etc.)).

Video to inform your employees

There transmission of information is an essential part of the global communication of a company. Internally, you must in particular present your results, your growth plan or your strategic reorientation. Thus, employees will be aware of the issues and will get more on a daily basis.

By using the video, you will be able to easily transmit this data through the image. This communication tool also makes it possible to quickly recognize and adopt new faces, whether it be a manager, a collaborator or a partner.

To support them in their internal training

Besides team-building, Audiovisual supports have already proven themselves in the internal training of employees. They allow new recruits to soak up gestures specific to your job. Former members of the team, they can quickly retain the essentials to improve their competence.

With a suitable tool, your Business communication video will be as clear and catchy as a tutorial on YouTube. These factors are really favorable to assimilation. Finally, you prove the feasibility of the operations explained through the shots in real condition.

For external communication

For external communication

Currently, companies are increasingly using the format collaborating video as external communication tool. This is akin to a reporting based on employee testimonies. Participants therefore directly share their experiences within the establishment.

This style of narration allows you to break with the explanatory video and the voice-over of classic spots.

Thanks to this formula, you can immediately stand out from your competitors. You present the very basis of the identity of your business. These interviews also value the actors working every day to develop your activity.

Make your business more human

Through this approach, you will radically transform your brand image. Your establishment will now mention faces, names and a full -fledged living environment. The company will therefore become more human for the general public.

In addition, this type of video presentation is often memorable by focusing on the sincerity and the transparency. You will ultimately be able to gain the confidence of prospects and strengthen customer loyalty. Your partners will also be sensitive to this audiovisual communication.

Video: effectively reach Internet users, have them adhere to your project and transform them into customers

Video: effectively reach Internet users, have them adhere to your project and transform them into customers

Current applications have reinvented the Business communication video by changing format, tone and support. Kannelle, for example, has made corporate-native and friendly corporate films. Spectators will therefore be able to identify themselves more easily with each project and the authentic portraits presented on the screen.

With this new formula, do not hesitate to bet on the social media marketing. THE storytelling is indeed particularly effective on these platforms. This technique often uses an emotional story-board.

Thus, you can concretely improve your ability to seduce Internet users and convert them to customers.