Private sale will integrate its six platforms into a single veepee

Private sale will integrate its six platforms into one: veepee

Private sale will proceed to the’final integration of its six brands in one, called Veepee, an international name easy to pronounce.

Private sale becomes veepee

Private sell will be integrated in the coming months on a unique platform, Veepee, which will complete the process in spring 2020. It will thus become the European market leader, present in 14 countries and employing 6,000 people.

Jacques-Antoine Granjon, co-founder and president of Private Sale group, explained that “this decision was very complicated because it will imply many changes and the paralysis of certain projects”, but it will not be accompanied by layoffs.

I’company recruited 250 professionals specializing in technologies’information, as well as the group’s 800 employees who will be responsible for managing the’Integration of’Set of the group platforms. In addition, an investment of 100 million’euros will be devoted to the development of the R&Internal and l’Open innovation.

Since 2016, Private sell Carry out a process of’Integration, currently composed of selling-exclusive, at Benelux; Privalia, Spain, Italy, Brazil and Mexico; Squabble.CH, in Switzerland; Designers & Friends, Denmark and Zlotewyprzedaze, Poland in Poland.

In 2018, the French company achieved a figure’3.7 billion d business’euros, including 60 % at the’international.

According to Granjon, they strengthen synergies, unify crops and standardize processes for three years. Therefore, the process of’final integration was already necessary, in order to’accelerate your convergence and become a unique brand, with the same mission and the same culture. “We are going to do it very slowly, so that’Il n’there is no confusion, “said the president.

D’otherwise, the change of social reason is based on the fact that all the member countries of the group know how to pronounce it correctly. “Veepee is a very international name and the’integration will help people traveling’A country with’Another to buy on our platform without changing brand, ”explains Granjon.

Concretely, the’Integration of Privalia into Private Sale will take place over the next six to twelve months, so that “the Privalia brand will disappear in’Here at the end of 2019″.

I’company explains that “this strategic change responds to the desire to connect to brands through the’Europe and bring them a single value that meets their needs in each operation, from the sale of stocks to the recognition of names, data and traffic, thus creating solid and remarkable experiences at the highest level.

Private sale has 4.5 million individual visitors per day, 120 million products sold, 116,000 packages shipped each day and 54,000 sales pulled by events in collaboration with 7,000 brands.