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Youtube: how to be better referenced ?

YouTube is a very popular video media, for individuals as well as for professionals. It can be used to communicate around your brand, create affinities or find your future customers. However, in order to’Be better positioned in their recommendations, you must be well referenced.

Here we give you some tips for a successful referencing on this platform.

Buy views and likes for better referencing

The number of views is an essential criterion of SEO on YouTube. He indirectly influences his algorithm and tells him that your content is popular. A high number of views means that’A large number of people have followed your videos.

This improves your image and credibility with customers and prospects.

You can obtain a high number of views by paying : if you have them’Opportunity, you can buy real YouTube views to increase your notoriety. So your channel will be better referenced, and will attract more people.

I’Use of Short format on YouTube

YouTube Shorts are videos of 15 seconds maximum. Unlike Youtube Stories, they last longer and offer more possibilities of’editing. This format benefits from’better retention on the part of the public and is very flexible.

Short contents that are popular, these videos will affect more people.

They help easily rebooster an account having difficulty obtaining visibility. Contact specialized platforms to guide you or ask advice from experts in the field. So that shorts are effective, Innovate and favor short videos.

YouTube offers to publish videos of up to 60 seconds maximum, but it is advisable to reduce this duration as much as possible.

Finally, create emotions with your shorts in order to’Establish a link with Internet users. These last S’will subscribe more easily to your account and you will be better referenced.

Video publication frequency

The frequency you publish videos on YouTube is also a key indicator for SEO. The more videos you publish, the better you will be referenced. You will still need Pay attention to the quality of your videos.

Indeed, it must take precedence over the quantity so that you are well classified.

Choose the frequency that suits you and respect it. This way you can more easily retain your audience who will know what s’to wait for. However, a large number of videos will not be enough to be well referenced.

You will also need to get L’Internet users’ commitment.

Encourage your viewers to S’Subscribe, like and comment

The number of likes, comments and that of’subscriptions also have a significant impact on your SEO. These elements indicate that your video is relevant and deserves to’attention. Many youtubers use it.

To obtain as much as possible, n’Do not hesitate to ask Internet users to’Subscribe and like your video.

To do this, recommend them’Subscribe while you appear at the’screen. Integrate annotations that refer to it in your videos. YouTube provides you with several types of’annotations adapted to your images and your positioning.

Choose the one that suits you the most. You can also make this request in the description of the video.