Unbundled area or not, what does it change

Zone unbundled or not, that does it change ?

For a very long time, France Telecom benefited from the monopoly on telephony, C’That is to say that’He was the only operator to manage the’French telephone network. But since L’appearance of mobile phones, d’other suppliers have sought to invest this market. Since the law relating to the’opening to competition from the telephony market in 1998 – measure imposed by the’European Union -, France Telecom is now obliged to rent its infrastructure so that other operators can install their own equipment there.

Total unbundled areas

Except that the operators, not content with paying a subscription to France Telecom, began to deploy their own network in order to drag the’Historical Operator. When you live in an unbundled area, your operator uses its own network to transport its Internet and telephone services. So you don't go through France Telecom and N lines at all’no longer need to pay them a subscription.

Partial unbundled areas

To know that’There are also partial unbundled areas, where operators have their own internet and high speed network but are forced to rent the telephone and low speed lines in France Telecom. Clearly, you pay your internet and phone subscription to your supplier, but are still forced to pay a fee at France Telecom for the’Use of the phone line. So you have two very separate invoices to pay.

Unwelcoming areas

In an unblemmed area, you l’will have understood, your supplier of’access rents to France Telecom both the telephone line and the equipment’Internet access. These areas are mainly located in remote campaigns and today tend’Hui to disappear. You have two invoices to pay, one to your supplier of’access, and one to France Telecom, although the latter is sometimes included in the first – what’we call l’Naked adsl.

The phone in wifi, or how to get around the France Telecom invoice

A fairly cunning way to get around this double billing was found by suppliers’access in order to’attract customers: instead of’Use the lines of the France Telecom network for telephone calls, they found a way to operate phones with WiFi. Thus, in partial unbundled areas, a telephone call normally using France Telecom lines can thus go through the clean Internet of the supplier D’access, thus avoiding double invoicing to the customer. This method n’However, is not possible in total unbundled areas.

How to know in which area we are ?

To find out in which area is your place of residence, you just have to go to the’one of the Sites of suppliers D’access, each offering a quick verification to the’help with your fixed phone number or exact address. There are also some sites specialized in this area.