Use LED neon lights to light your animations!

Use LED neon lights to light your animations !

There are different luminaire solutions that you can use to illuminate your animations. Among the most popular, we find the LED neon lights which constitute a beautiful alternative to fluorescent tubes. Usually used in the entryôts, commercial and industrial premises and other places, they are also perfect for festive events and interior decoration.

I’one of their main advantages is that’They ensure constant and homogeneous light. Here is all that’You have to know about LED neon lights.

Why choose LED neon lights for an animation ?

Several reasons justify the’use of LED neon lights for animation.

An ideal light for an evening D’business

LED neon lights arise as versatile lighting that can serve you in different contexts. In business, they light up and can participate in the decoration of your various events: cocktails, gala evenings, party party’opening, inaugurations, etc. So, n’Wait more and create your atmosphere with the flexible neon to enhance the decor of your evenings’business.

A long lifespan

Whatever the duration of your animations, LED neon lights will be able to support you for a very long time. Indeed, with the’evolution of LED technology, their lifespan can go up to’at 40,000 hours and far exceeds that of other types of lights. Thus, it is possible to use the same LED neon lights over many years.

It will not be necessary’redeem new ones each time and c’is therefore a very economical solution for companies that often organize receptions.

Low consumption of’energy

Lights are essential for animations and interior decoration. However, they can often constitute a great source of energy consumption S’They are not carefully chosen. Compared to classic tubes, neon lights seduce with their enormous energy potential.

For example, a T8 tube can allow you to’Save at least 50% D’energy Compared to a traditional tube. Its characteristics as well as its components make it non -energy -consuming.

How to choose LED neon lights ?

LED neon lights offer various colors and temperatures regardless of their location. It is still important to choose them carefully. Above all, we advise you to Take stock of your lighting and decoration needs.

Are you interested in number of lumens and the color of the’lighting. The lumen is the light flow which is cleared by a source in a second. They’Acts in D’Other terms of L’photometric measurement unit evaluating the’light intensity of each bulb. Its symbol is LM and you will find this value on the LED neon box.

D’In other words, you have the choice between a wide variety of colors, ranging from classic yellow to white (daylight).

Also take into consideration Heating time, the time required for a bulb to reach 60% of its light yield. On this point, LED lighting is essential because they reach their heating pointôt lit. Please note, LED bulbs can be influenced by external temperatures; It is therefore important to bet on a freezing model.

How to install a safe LED neon ?

LED neon lights have the’advantage of’be very easy to install and d’make a soft light. So that’They work properly, their implementation will have to be done in the rules of the’art. To this end, you must follow specific steps.


Before’installation of LED neon, make sure that’It is compatible with the ballast. If you have a ferromagnetic ballast, then it is possible’Buy a standard LED tube accompanied by’A Starter LED. However, for an electronic ballast, opt for a led neon without a starter. Also take the time to Check the length of the neon, Because it must be equal to the support.

If you have chosen a flexible neon, then this point relating to compatibility does not concern you.

Cut power

For fixed LED neon lights, it is recommended to cut the current beforehand to Ensure your safety during the’facility. At the same time, the electrical circuit will have to be protected with a filter. As a result, you’will have no trouble adjusting the network tension.

We must not forget to respect the power of the tube to avoid d’damage.

I’Ballast neon installation

This step is to pivot the neon at an angle of 90° For an T5 LED tube and 45° For a T8 LED tube. Subsequently, remove the’old support neon to replace it with the new. S’they’ACT D’a conventional ballast, so it will be necessary to do the basic checks.

After that, install the LED neon and achieve a rotation so that’it is well fixed.

For a flexible neon, the’installation is much easier. You n’will have that’to choose a pose with a wall glue, A tape or some zipped fasteners for connection.

What are the important criteria of’LED neon ?

It is essential to know the important criteria of’A LED neon to make the right choice.

The type of cheek

Regarding the form of L’bulb, you have the choice between different models. Some versions of LED neon are straight and D’others are circular.

The nerve is also an important point, as is its diameter. There are E27 culots that are less common, with the’use of’screw bulbs. We also find the circular tubes with G10Q faces and the type S suits that have replaced incandescent tubes.

Neon lights

For’lighting of large surfaces, it will be preferable to choose R7S Culots. There is also the T8 tube which has a 26 mm diameter G13 base, the T5 tubes accompanied by’A 16 mm G5 base and the T4 tube with a G5 cheek with 12 mm in diameter. It should be noted that the T8 and T5 LED tubes are the most common versions.

LED neon lights: power and length

For a fluorescent tube, the power is based on the length of the tube, what n’is not the case for LED neon lights. When you plan to replace an old tube for example, it is important to learn about its power. This allows you to’elsewhere to define the neon LED tube.

  • The power of T8 tubes : 150 cm to 58W model, 120 cm to 36 W model, 60 cm to 18 W model.
  • T5 tubes : 145 cm to 80 W model, 115 cm at 54 W tube, 145 cm model at 49 W…

It should be noted that the length n’is not linked to power, given that’The same neon length can have different powers. Regarding LED neon lights, the power is expressed in Watts.


Temperature is an essential criterion for LED neon lights and s’Expresses in Kelvin. THE low-shaped tubes are advised and the heat emitted varies depending on the temperature color. The warm colors have an estimated temperature between 2000 and 3000 K, while the cold colors go between 3300 and 5300K.

LED neon lights exist in several colors ?

LED neon lights are available in different colours which impact on the’atmosphere and daily well-being.

These are in particular shades like yellow and’Orange that are part of the warm colors. There is also cold white with a fresh color and the blue-white shades called daylight and whose temperature goes beyond 5300 k.

So you have The choice between a warm color, a cold color and a neutral color, each category meeting specific needs.

LED neon norms

For projects’interior lighting, you have to turn to the standard In 12464-1. It imposes specific requirements in this area, the limits that the’immediate environment and’premises must respect. In fact, for each application, different criteria are determined: light intensity, color rendering index and index of’Dazzling D’discomfort.

About the LED neon lights for the’outside, They must be waterproof. This seal is D’Elsewhere verified with the’Protection index (IP). This is made up of two figures, the first designating the protection of the luminaire against solid bodies and the second indicating protection against liquid bodies.

Neon lighting

Note that the higher the figures, the higher the protection will be. I’external lighting must reach at least IP44. The first 4 designates the protection of the luminaire against solid bodies greater than 1 mm and the second indicates the protection against liquid projections of all directions.

LED neon lights are very successful, as they are characterized by a system D’instant ignition that reaches its level D’maximum light intensity from the’ignition. They also exist in several colors and consume very little’energy. You will still have to choose them with great care to fully enjoy their strengths during your events’business.