Mechanical separation of meat How to optimize its production

Mechanical separation of meat: how to optimize its production ?

You are a mechanically separate meat producer (VSM) and want to optimize your production ? Invest in high -performance machines. There are several equipment on the market that can allow you to’Increase your yield. But among those present in trade, it is important to choose the right’Adapt to the objectives of your business.

The concept of mechanically separated meat

To meet growing demand, meat producers use a process called mechanical meat separation. The principle consists in removing the muscles, the rind and the bones from’Help of meat separate machines. You should know that the various treatments of’mechanically separate meat does not require meat pre -coupled.

There are two types of mechanically separated meat, depending on the manufacturing technique used (high or low pressure process).

The high pressure process

The high -pressure manufacturing technique represents around 80 % of the Mechanically separated meat production. The separation process is carried out thanks to a significant pressure exerted on raw materials (B meatœUF, poultry, pork). These are previously crushed and pass through a filter provided’orifices whose diameter n’does not exceed 1 millimeter.

This technique allows the recovery of 70 % of the material which will be used for the manufacture of meat products. These products, in the form of a fine paste, are intended for human consumption. The rest will be used for the’animal feed.

The low -pressure production technique

The low pressure process represents 20 % of the mechanically separate meat production. It allows’obtain a product sometimes similar to minced meat, but with a higher cost of production.

This production technique requires much less fine crushing of raw materials, unlike the high pressure process. The carcasses thus crushed pass through a filter with wider orifices, d’about 3 millimeters. The result obtained will be used to make meat products intended for’human food.

I’use of VSM in the’food industry

It is prohibited to market mechanically separate meat under the’name “meat”. This is due to its low protein contributions and its poor nutritional values. Despite everything, the VSM remains A product of choice, widely used in the’food industry. For example, it is used in the preparation of the fricadelle. VS’is a sausage D’About 15 centimeters often served in friederies.

This traditional snack is mainly made up of VSM chicken, pork, horse or beef.

Nuggets or chicken kibbles are also made from VSM. These dishes are very widespread in the fast food sector. Composed of finely chopped flesh and chicken skin, they are generally fried, but can also be prepared via baked cooking. Nuggets consist of mechanically separate chicken meat, chicken skin and cartilage.

These two ingredients provide more cohesion to preparation and allow manufacturers to’obtain relatively low costs.

mechanically separate meat machine

Meat separating machines

In France, there are companies specializing in the marketing of machines intended for the separation of meat. In particular, you will find bonuses/disnervans, grinders/denerves, oily separators and beef-viande bone separators.

The boning/disnervanous

The boning/disnervage allows’Get meatless meat crushed and quality of quality, even at low pressure. Indeed, the meat obtained has a finesse of 3 millimeters. You can use this machine to boning carcasses chicken or whole poultry. It is equipped with’a filter allowing the retention of fragments of’bone.

Its mechanism exerts low pressure on meat, to detach the bone part. This operation does not require cutting or preliminary grinding.

To choose your boning/disnerVer, you must take into account a few specific parameters. The criteria of choice are the description of the machine and the hourly production capacity that you wish.

The crusher/disgust

This machine makes it possible to grind and to generate raw materials without’bone (jarret of bœUF boned, lobby, aponeurosis, etc.)). Thus, the crusher/disneror is used to obtain Nergist -free meat products. The meat thus obtained is separated from its hard components, which allows the’tenderir and d’Improve its quality.

The bone separator Bœuf-viande

It allows you to detach the’boneœmeat and use does not require cutting or preliminary grinding. Indeed, she is able to treat raw meat. In addition, this machine allows’get Good quality fiber meat having a low calcium content.

I’operation is carried out at low pressure in order to maintain the characteristics of the meat.