Shiptify A Piloting Start-up of goods transport

Shiptify: a goods transportation start-up of goods

Several activity sectors are based today on the use of new technologies. The field of transport is obviously not an exception to this rule. This is what is in any case observed with Shiptify.

But, of what is it ? What are the advantages of this tool ? So many questions we will try here to provide answers.

Shiptify presentation

Created in 2016, Shiptify could we call A series of digital solutions which are essentially aimed at the actors of the Supply Chain. Commissionarians, chargers, logistics providers or carriers are notably professionals who are affected by this innovative solution.

Shiptify is a multilingual solution. Based on TMS Transport, this start-up offers these players online management of their activities. A service that will be useful to you, regardless of the mode of transport by which your goods pass through.

The operating mode of this start-up is quite simple. The calculation of kpis is automated by a dashboard. Transporters can benefit from the digitalization and dematerialization of their relationship with their customers thanks to Shipitify.

This start-up which allows you to control the transport of your goods was born in a warehouse. She was born from the desire to create A solution that is not only pragmatic, but also and above all focused on User experience.

Shiptify therefore blows a wind of novelty in a world where electronic and Excel messaging are always widely used by many companies, including multinationals, SMEs and etis.

Why choose Shiptify ?

If several companies are today interested in this start-up, it is largely for the many advantages that it presents.

This one offers you to easily ship your goods through air, road, maritime and railways. Messaging and urban delivery are also services you can benefit from by adopting Shiptify. Needless to remember here that these services will be fast and very high quality.

It is also important to emphasize that you will not pay any setup fees with this start-up. This is an economic model that gives you a very rapid return on investment to your project. Which will therefore allow you to achieve significant savings.

The other thing you will certainly appreciate with Shipify is the fact that it isA solution that can be quickly implemented. Your operational teams will have no trouble taking over this tool. If necessary, they will even be trained in the use of this platform to guarantee you better results.

Let us also add that Shiptify brings together more than 3000 connected companies. Flooring a network of supply digital chains through this start-up should therefore not be a complicated task. You will be able to use this advantage to establish partnerships and make your structure known.

What are the features and services offered by Shiptify ?

Shiptify is a start-up that offers many services and features.

Budget monitoring

The services offered by Shiptify are selected at the most attractive price. The start-up ensures the management of securing the selection process as well as the conformity of the services which are offered.

The transport plan is an aspect that you can perfectly master well with this innovative solution. Note, however, that several criteria can influence this transport plan. Among these, we find:

  • the typology of the flow;
  • the route;
  • the partner.

Thanks to the monitoring of the budgets offered by Shiptify, You can make a flow forecast. He is also possible to measure logistics kpi that can be improved daily.


Shiptify provides you a easy to use and very secure virtual interface. Thanks to this, you can customize and manage all your transport orders.

This makes it possible to control in real time the different offers in the matter which will be submitted to you. In this way, you can easily find the one that would be the most advantageous for you in terms of cost.

The dematerialization of flows

One of the features that Shiptify users appreciate is the fact that The start-up offers them the opportunity to better organize their flow. These are automatically sorted. It is important to emphasize that this sorting is done according to your personal criteria.

It should also be noted that you can easily have Access to all your documents thanks to this dematerialization, wherever you are.

MultiTransporter Tracking

If you want to have your shipments and deliveries that have been made in the same place, Shiptify is the start-up you need. This visualization is possible even when the shipments are made by various carriers.

Let us add that thanks to this service, You will be informed of anomalies or incidents of all kinds that may occur during expeditions. Note that this data will be transmitted to you in real time via your electronic messaging or on the dashboard of the platform.

In addition, the start-up provides you with geolocation technologies which were added to him. These technologies allow you to follow up on your means of transport without the slightest difficulty, without your drivers being informed.

Centralization of exchanges

Your documents, transport operations carried out as well as communications are elements that can be centralized on Shiptify. Thanks to this functionality, the same information can be shared by all your partners, in real time.

Other features

Shipify also takes care of several other administrative features that it would be wise to take into account. It’s about Billing monitoring And of disputes in particular the degradation of equipment, deviations or even incidents during the transaction. The goal here is to help you effectively manage your logistics chain.

What is the Shiptify price plan ?

Several parameters come into account in determining Shiptify prices. You must in particular indicate The number of expeditions that you want to organize per month.

It will then be necessary to give a indication of the number of logistics sites you want to equip. Besides that, it is also important to emphasize here that the distances that your means of transport will be taken to take into account in this quote.

Once these steps have been taken, you will be asked to indicate the modes of transport you want to use with this start-up. The last step that you will have to pass to find the costs of the various Shiptify services is the information of your personal information. It was only at that time that you can discuss the prices.

Note also that you can create a free account on Shiptify that will allow you to familiarize yourself with the tool. After this short time of adaptation, you will no longer hesitate to open a paying account, because the services of this service will seduce you every time.

In view of all this information, it is obvious that Shiptify is a start-up which is on the way to becoming essential for the commission agents, the chargers, the logistics providers, etc. It could be a good idea to be interested in this solution if you are, you too part of this trade.