A glove-scartphone translates SMS in sign language

A glove-scartphone translates SMS in sign language

Already generally very isolated by their condition, the visually impaired and the hearing impaired are also too often set aside in terms of telephony and smartphone. VS’is for this reason that the’Berlin S University’is tilted into the question and has developed a glove-scartphone capable of translating texts in sign language.

I’Lorm alphabet, a particular sign language

We are not talking here about sign language strictly speaking. No, it s’actually acts’Lorm alphabet, a communication technique where the different letters of the’alphabet are assigned to different parts of the palm and the back of the hand.

Traditionally, just’touch the person’s hand to different locations to create words. Already l’Last year Switzerland had developed an application to learn and practice this touching alphabet from a tablet. In the case of our Smart-Gen, created by researchers from the’University of’Berlin arts and called mobile lorm glove, it has small pressure sensors capable of scanning the’lorm alphabet in order to’send messages.

He is also capable of’Take small vibrations in order to translate the SMS received.

The translator does not stop at SMS

But the smart-glove does not’do not stop there. It is of course capable of receiving messages in order to transcribe them into sign language vibration to make them understand to its users, but also D’Access internet content such as emails or e-books.

D’In other words, two people with this kind of handicap will now be able to communicate without having to touch their hands. She will be able to go through the glove to establish their communication rather than go through Lorm’s sign language. A step forward both in terms of technology and’hygiene.

A smartphone translation application

The smart-glove does not work as a smartphone as such. In order to be able to’Use, the visually impaired or the hearing impaired – or anyone who would like to test this new revolutionary technology – will have’a smartphone or d’a tablet and install a specific application there in order to’Access the language translator. Translation n’Being carried out only by a computer system, it may present certain defects, without disturbing the understanding of the translation.

No vocal language translation for the’moment

The only black point of this new tool is that’It is limited to the translation of texts. None of vocal languages in sign languages n’has been updated at the’today, but it is a safe bet that it will not be long.