A phone for 100 % French visually impaired

A phone for 100 % French visually impaired

After the Smartphone glove capable of translating SMS into Lorm alphabet, C’is today’hui a phone adapted to the visual deficients offered by the French company Kapsys. A telephone with multiple features adapted to the visually impaired, without even going through the Internet. Close -up on this innovation which should facilitate the daily life of many visually impaired.

No need to go through the Internet

Last May, Kapsys, a specialist in mobility solutions based in the south of France, presented its latest innovation in telephony: a 100 % French telephone and completely adapted to visually impaired people.

Of course, there are already voice recognition solutions, like Siri on I-phone or Google on Android, but these features require internet access to function properly. Clearly, a visually impaired person is forced to have a very expensive unlimited internet with an unlimited internet or pay an exorbitant off-form to be able to take advantage of these features.

The main advantage of this innovation is that the phone is itself provided with different features useful to the visually impaired. They n’so don't need’a mobile package with unlimited internet or need to download D’Application to take advantage of these advantages.

Useful features on a daily basis

Among the features that this phone brings together, we count in particular:

  • A vocal control GPS allowing you to move everywhere in France and Europe – except in Switzerland, where the Catre is paid, as for countries outside Europe,
  • a vocal translator, which transcribes lyrics into texts,
  • a voice command to launch certain telephone functions, such as the’agenda or directory,
  • an indoor light detector,
  • a color detector,
  • A proximity detector, allowing you to know if something or someone stands in front of you,
  • A SOS button for a call D’automatic emergency,
  • a traditional keyboard in addition to the touch keyboard, for S’Adapt to different levels of visually impaired.
  • a recharge base, at the’image of fixed phones, rather than’a grip, difficult to use when you are visually impaired.

A smartphone like the others … or almost

Apart from the traditional integrated keyboard for the most visually impaired and the other specific features aforementioned, the phone takes the’appearance of’A standard smartphone. It works with the D system’Android operations 6.0, is compatible with the’Internet in 4G, an autonomy of up to’at 350 hours in standby mode and a box to clip your SIM card or micro-card. No need, therefore, to change the’Operator to take advantage of this innovative phone.

For the price: 745 euros for the all -inclusive version, the price D’an iPhone. Definitely, he really has everything in common with a traditional smartphone.