Sweatcoin Our opinion on Pas meter application

Sweatcoin: our opinion on L’Pas meter application

Specialists generally recommend taking around 10,000 steps a day to stay healthy. Walking has also been encouraged in recent years in order to limit pollution linked to mobility. In this context, developers have multiplied the PAS counters for smartphone.

Sweatshirt stands out by the awards offered in return for the distance traveled.

That’Does Sweatcoin ?

Sweatshirt is a Pas counter Created in the United Kingdom in 2016. Compatible with Android and iOS, The application is among the free downloads of Google Play and the Apple Store. It can thus be installed and launched easily on most Android and Apple devices available on the market.

The name of the application, sweatcoin (SC), also refers to the virtual currency used to motivate you to walk. The latter is the motto in force on the platform. It is therefore essential for any transaction.

The app is ultimately aims to transform it into an cryptoded and bitcoins. That said, the use of SC remains at the moment limited to the program.

How l’application works ?

This Free application is based on a simple concept. You will be remunerated according to the distance made on foot. Concretely, you will receive approximately 1 SC for 1,000 steps.

This virtual money will be stored in a dedicated wallet. Cumulative capital can then be converted into vouchers or products.

The prices to the key can vary significantly depending on your budget and the available flash offers. These can be promotional codes and subscriptions to partner brands, cash paid via Paypal, etc. Obviously, these different awards do not have the same value. The iPhone XS, for example, cost the 20,000 SC.

A subscription

Given its cryptocurrency ambitions, Sweatcoin has built a real ecosystem for its application for iPhone and Android. Real currencies will therefore be of no use to you within the program. However, your potential earnings will be limited to 5 SC per day, with the Free Mover mode.

To earn more, you will have to take out a subscription. This type of offer is offered from 4.75 SC per month with the Shaker formula. You can touch up to 10 SC per day.

For 20 monthly SCs, you will perceive 15 SC per day. Finally, the Breaker mode is offered at 30 SC per month, for a daily gain of 20 SC.

How to recover l’Silver Sweatcoin ?

How to recover the money on Sweatcoin?

For to earn money on sweatcoin, Above all, you must download and install the application from the usual blinds. Then launch the program. It should be quite easy to recognize among the apps installed on your smartphone.

Its icon is in the form of a “S” white open on blue background.

After installation, you will need a little time to Combine corners on your mobile application. You will also be limited to 5 SC per day at first, even by largely exceeding the 5,000 steps required. Big walkers will nevertheless be able to change their subscription from the first week.

Attention ! You must let the tool operate in the background to count your steps. Your operating system may in particular refuse these authorizations according to your settings. Thus, it is strongly recommended to check its proper functioning from time to time.

In case of concern, your steps will not be counted.

You can estimate your potential cash gains within the tool. Start by displaying the application, click on the shopping bag at the top right of the screen. It is located near the icons representing your profile and your sweatshirt of sweatcoins.

You will thus have access to the list of available offers.

Click on the Paypal logo to discover the awards offered. Then read the section How to get it (How to Claim) and follow the instructions. You will need to connect to your Google account or your mailbox to be able to continue.

Finally, click Buy to exchange your sweatshings for cash coming from the payment platform.

Our opinion on Sweatcoin to win the’money

Our opinion on Sweatcoin to win the

As’sports application, Sweatcoin is a particularly effective tool for burn calories. You can also be surprised by its ability to motivate you on a daily basis. In addition, the program makes it possible to enhance walking on all levels.

You will end up with adopt good habits For your health and for the environment. In this case, the corners will be small supplements.

On the other hand, the mobile app is Not very convincing to earn money. It is however important to emphasize that this is not the main objective of this service. Fintech offers much more profitable applications. The PAS counter nevertheless offers interesting bonuses for walkers.

In addition, you can always optimize your chances of earning more rewards.

Like the best applications to win’money walking, Sweatshirt use your geolocation To count your steps with precision. This functionality often reduces battery life. You will therefore be tempted to activate the energy saving mode of your mobile device.

However, this option makes the counter quite approximate and may make you lose steps.

Finally, pubs and sponsorship represent excellent solutions to win more corners. Concretely, the application will suggest you look at an ad every 1,000 steps for a bonus of up to 1,000 SC. You can also touch $ 1,000 on Paypal, sponsoring 4,167 people from social networks, blogs…