Silicone, leather, plastic… what type of shell to choose for your smartphone

Silicone, leather, plastic … What type of shell to choose for your smartphone ?

The time of the old NOKIA unbreakable is well over. Nowadays, smartphones offer many features, but their shock resistance is much lower than the first generations of mobile phone. VS’is why it is very useful to protect them at the’Help D’an accessory like a shell, a case or a protective cover.

But between leather, silicone, plastic, bumper or handmade fabric cover, all materials do not meet the same needs. So which one to choose for your mobile ?

Silicone smartphone shells, perfect against shocks

Silicone is a highly used material for making D’protective accessories. Its main advantage is its ability to absorb shocks thanks to its depreciation gel texture. Thanks to a silicone shell, you protect your phone against the risks linked to a fall, such as a broken screen or a crack of the external plastic of your device.

Another property of silicone is its waterproofing. It thus protects against a small amount of liquid dumped on your smartphone. But beware, the shell does not cover the phone in its entirety and therefore does not protect against an immersion or too much liquid. In any case, the shell should be removed immediately and dismantle the phone to dry it as soon as possible’Help D’A dry cloth or in rice.

Above all, n’Never use D’electrical device for drying, like a hairdryer, which could seriously damage your phone.

Plexi mobile case, easily customizable

The plexis, or plexiglass, is actually a most banal plastic. VS’is the most used material in terms of’mobile case. It can be transparent as opaque, and its main attribute is that’It is the most suitable material for making personalized shells.

Indeed, unlike silicone, stickers and other Smartphone Shapes stickers’Much better and last much longer.

Laptop cover in leather, class and distinction at the rendezvous

With a leather shell, class and distinction will be there. It protects very well against scratches, especially if you take a “portfolio” version which also covers the’screen, and it also has characteristics of’tightness. Be careful however, leather is a noble material that must’be maintained regularly, especially in the event of’humidity.

Small tip, clean the’Baby milk help, this’will hydrate and help you keep its appearance new.

Bumper, or reinforced protection

If the bumper does not tell you anything, c’that is’It is often confused with silicone. VS’is a semi-rigid gel material, polycarbonate or aluminum, which makes a lot of’followers. The particularity of this type of protection is that’It does not cover the whole back of the mobile but that’He protects only points sensitive to falls, the corners of the phone mainly, thanks to bumps – “bump” in English, D’where the name of BUMPER – Reinforced.

Fabric phone cover, long live the do it yourself

This solution is well suited to the followers of the Do It Yourself. A little at L’Image D’A tobacco joke, you can make a fabric cover in which you can store your laptop. But beware, fabric is a material that’absorbs very little shocks.

On the other hand, this solution will better protect your smartphone from scratches. The big advantage is that you can make your cover as you wish, choosing the colors and the patterns yourself.

The personalized shell

Since our smartphone is like our third arm, it is completely normal to want to give it a unique look. In addition to protecting your precious communication tool, it’will not have the same banal appearance as that of those around you and at least you will not risk leaving with the phone D’Another inadvertently. In general, personalize your phone shell is of course to choose the right model, but also to select the images or the photos that’We want to integrate into the shell.

Regarding the choice of shell, you have the possibility of’opt for the simple shell which is fine, rigid and transparent or the silicone shell. The latter is flexible and unbreakable. Otherwise, you can opt for a cover or case, if this type of protection is best for you.

In case you want to adorn your D Smartphone’Unique protection without displaying your photos, some sites offer trendy prints updated regularly.

What better protection against scratches and cracks in’screen ?

As we mentioned above, the best covers against scratches are those of the “portfolio” type, which also cover the’before the phone. Whatever’There are some, even with a case, your screen remains sensitive to shocks and can crack at any time. The best anti-scratch protection and cracks on your screen is therefore to provide your device’A tempered glass protective screen.

These accessories are very affordable, easy to set up and change. You will find D’Elsewhere many offers combining a telephone shell and one or more protective screens in tempered glass. Finally, silicone represents very effective protection, especially for the angles of the phone, because it damages the falls very well.

It is unbreakable and therefore a silicone shell has a long lifespan.

With all these tips, we only have’To wish a long life to your smartphone !