Habitat Alencon give life to your projects

Habitat d lounge’Alençon: give life to your projects

You have just invested in an apartment or a house ? Or you just want to renovate your home ? You want to make this one more comfortable ? Meet at Alençon Habitat Fair ! The event takes place from Friday October 8 to Sunday October 10, 2021 at the’Anova – Exhibition. Make up all your desires concretize !

Alençon Habitat lounge: why go there ?

The 2021 Alençon Habitat Show will bring together 130 professionals for construction, renovation,’interior and exterior development, as well as decoration. They will welcome you on 3 days D’Exhibition so that you can implement all your projects concerning your apartment or your house !

These experts will be happy to answer all your questions and advise you in order to give life to your project. Exchange with them and do not hesitate to ask them for quotes !

Home comfort: insulation

You are owner of a house or apartment ? You want to improve the comfort of your property ? Have more light ? Island your home properly and opt for quality windows. If you choose to have large picture windows and they are in height, do not be afraid, it is quite possible for you to make a rental of’elevator to reach them more easily. This type of device can also be very useful if you ever want to redo the paint, the frame or the insulation of your property.

Indeed, if your old windows no longer make it’business, be aware that there are different models to isolating your habitat well. Whether in PVC or wood, double or simple glazing, the windows reinvent themselves. The latest models are aesthetic and insulating. Improve the comfort of your home !

The show in the spotlight

You like to read or watch movies ? You spend hours in your living room ? You like to spend long, pleasant moments with family or friends around a good meal or an aperitif ? Have a functional, connected and bright living room ! Improve your comfort and make your life easier with a connected house. Many things exist such as connected shutters. Meet at Alençon Habitat Fair and meet many professionals. Make up all your desires concretize !

The professionals present will be happy to interact with you and give you advice, take advantage of the show to benefit from many discounts and exclusives !