Why choose a promotional USB flash drive for your communication

Why choose a USB flash drive for your communication ?

The USB flash drive is one of the most effective promotional items to promote your business. Useful, customizable, inexpensive, etc., this goodie has many advantages. Discover the different reasons to choose a promotional USB key for your communication.

Why offer a promotional USB flash drive for your communication ?

More and more companies are betting on the promotional USB flash drive to optimize their communication. Various reasons motivate their decision. First of all, this promotional item allows an organization to increase its visibility in the long term. Indeed, it is used daily by individuals as well as professionals to transfer all kinds of digital files and store data. You can be sure that your promotional USB flash drive will not end up in a drawer if you offer one to your customers, prospects or employees.

Also, this item is compact. Its users can take it everywhere.

In addition, a promotional USB flash drive offers many advantages multiple possibilities of personalization. The USB flash drive has a large enough surface area to allow you to customize it as you wish. On the other hand, you can use this promotional item to improve your brand image. It is important to know that USB flash drives come in different materials and shapes.

For example, it is possible to offer a wooden, bamboo or recycled plastic model to attract targets for whom respect for the environment is a major concern.

As a high tech object, the USB flash drive costs more than the classic goodies. That said, there are some very interesting offers on the market. What’s more, most suppliers of customizable USB flash drives offer discounted prices for bulk purchases.

What are the criteria in choosing a USB flash drive?’a promotional USB key ?

The storage capacity is the first criterion to take into account when choosing a promotional USB flash drive. Expressed in gigabytes or gigabytes (not to be confused with gigabit), it defines the use that will be made of the goodie. It’s best to choose USB Flash Drives with a large storage capacity.

Indeed, the more important it is, the more these objects will be used, which will be beneficial for your visibility. If your budget is limited, 4GB or 8GB flash drives are a good compromise as they offer a decent storage capacity for a reasonable price.

The design of the promotional USB flash drive is another criterion to remember. As this object is intended to boost your brand image, it is preferable to select a model that reflects your activity. As an example, if you are in the banking sector, a personalized USB flash drive in the shape of a credit card is an excellent choice. Pay special attention to the material of the promotional item.

Your business is high-end ? Why not opt for glass USB flash drives ? Particularly elegant, these products immediately attract attention.

In addition, consider how much fuel you need to run the car. This criterion depends on the occasion in which you plan to offer promotional USB flash drives. For a trade show, for example, it is advisable to plan a rather large number of particles.

For prospecting meetings, however, the quantity required will be lower.

What are the criteria in choosing a promotional USB flash drive?

Which personalization to choose ?

Given the importance of the logo to a brand’s visual identity, this element must absolutely be part of the brand’s identity to appear on a promotional USB key. It is also a good idea to personalize this object with your company colors. Depending on the model you choose, it is also possible to use the USB stick’print an image or a text.

On the other hand, customizing USB flash drives involves choosing a branding technique. There are several of them:

  • Laser engraving to obtain an indelible mark;
  • Pad printing, ideal for round USB drives;
  • Doming to print an intricate design;
  • The digital printing to flock a visual with effects ;
  • Screen printing for USB flash drives that have a flat surface.

To make your choice, take into account the material of the USB keys to be personalized. Laser engraving is suitable for wood, metal or leather models. Also define your budget.

If the latter is limited, screen printing is the most affordable marking technique.