Monitor the online reputation of your website

Monitor the online reputation of your website

You have developed your website and you are proud of its reputation. However, with forums, blogs or social networks, it is very simple to see it destroys in a few clicks. VS’is why’it’s important to Monitor your reputation online.

Discover three solutions to ensure actively and react as quickly as possible in order to’avoid the crisis.

Many tools to monitor your e-reputation

Internet is full of easy-to-use solutions that allow you to monitor your e-reputation. To support you in setting up this control, the Net Offensive E-Reputation Guide will be your best ally.

Free surveillance with Google Alerts

The first tool, the most used is Google Alerts. Its handling is very accessible, if you have a Google account, a YouTube channel, you can easily add them to the Google Alerts account. To do this, you will have to click on the buttons more associated with the accounts to inspect.

You can configure the hours to which the notifications of’alert, frequency of’Shipping and L’Email address that will receive them.

You will not be limited on the number of’Alerts created. You will be able to define your choices of’alert according to the name of the’company, your YouTube account, your personal name, your website or your blog. Unfortunately, this tool will not give you the opportunity to follow your e-reputation on social networks.

Many tools to monitor your e-reputation

Talwalker, L’Alternative to Google Alterts

If you want Follow your reputation online Without using Google’s services, you can turn to Talkwalker. This free tool allows you to watch over the keywords of your choice, news on Twitter, blogs, or forums. To do this, you will need to create an account by specifying the keyword (s) to follow and for which you will receive alerts by email.

Paid surveillance with Radarly linkfluance

The French solution Linkfluence Radarly is paid, but offers much more in -depth surveillance dedicated to social networks. You will be able to control the global reputation of your site on the main social networks: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, but also the leading networks in Asia – Weibo, youku, baidu, etc.

I’tool offers you a view of’Together in real time to find out who is talking about your website and how. You will know where the comments are concentrated and s’they are rather positive or negative, thanks to the’Identification of emoticons used. Radarly also allows you to safeguard the historical comments or conversations in order to’Establish your online reputation monitoring.

This paid solution will be very complete, but it’will address big websites and businesses more.