Samsung files a patent for a foldable gaming smartphone

Samsung files a patent for a foldable gaming smartphone

Smartphones, among other major innovations, have converted many users to mobile video games. From now on, smartphone games represent the majority of the video game market. The fact that Samsung files a patent for a foldable smartphone dedicated mainly to video games is additional proof of the conviction of the company as to the future impact of this innovation.

A foldable smartphone for video games

This new model of foldable smartphone, which is added to the long list of concepts – official or not – that we have been able to discover in recent months, is rather original. Indeed, it was clearly designed to offer unique and unprecedented comfort to mobile game lovers and it uses foldable screens technology to achieve it.

We do not know any details as to the precise dimensions and operation of the smartphone, but some images of the plans deposited by Samsung have leaked on the internet. We can therefore see a phone probably the size of a small tablet and which can bend in half to be the size of a conventional smartphone.

The originality of this model is that a band of about 1 centimeter at the bottom of the screen can also fall back on itself to reveal touches (a directional cross typical of video game controllers and Other round touches). So, whether in tablet or smartphone mode, this new foldable smartphone model allows the user to enjoy keys directly inspired by video game controllers.

Samsung believes in the technology of foldable smartphones

The revelation of this new foldable smartphone model confirms all the confidence that Samsung places in this technology and how ready to bet on it for its future development. Indeed, this foldable smartphone model does not replace the very first foldable smartphone of the brand whose official announcement is expected on February 20.

This foldable gaming smartphone would therefore be another model that the brand is developing, undoubtedly to be able to quickly offer consumers a whole range of different foldable smartphones. The final objective is then undoubtedly to be able to offer a foldable smartphone to each consumer to meet their specific needs and desires.

Indeed, if there is an advantage to this foldable smartphone technique that even its detractors are forced to recognize it, it is that it offers great versatility to smartphones. Just as the iPhone had increased the versatility of smartphones by offering the first really successful touch screen and removing the physical keyboard, foldable smartphones could well give a whole new direction to mobile phones.

When do foldable smartphones arrive ?

Technically, foldable smartphones have already arrived on the market. In any case, a foldable smartphone has already arrived on the market and it is that of an unknown Chinese manufacturer until then in the West, Royole. Flexpai is the first smartphone that this brand markets and journalists were able to test it during CES 2019.

Royole has therefore paid the luxury of being officially the first brand in the world to offer a foldable smartphone, therefore ahead of Samsung, which had however been the first brand in the world to present a foldable screen as flexible as a sheet of paper: The Infinity Flex. Unfortunately, the precipitation with which the smartphone has been launched implies certain bad finishes.

On the side of the other major world manufacturers, the public has been watered with information, testimony of development intentions from different companies, but no specific date has yet been communicated. Only Samsung announced a conference in Paris on February 20, suggesting that he would present his foldable smartphone on this occasion and that he would reveal his release date. So you will have to be a little patient.

Many foldable smartphones concepts

If the latest patent to date from Samsung has particularly caught the attention of Internet users, in particular because the slightest movement of Samsung has literally scrutinized for 8 years by enthusiasts, this is not the only innovative and interesting concept published these last months. Foldable screens can be used in many ways and manufacturers seem to have understood this.

LG, for example, has published the plans of a smartphone that has greatly caught the attention of Internet users. No doubt directly inspired by the rolling up television that the brand presented to CES 2019, this foldable smartphone has a folding screen, but also expandable. We don’t know more about the precise operation of this device, but the concept is interesting and saves a few additional centimeters of screen.

Motorola, the manufacturer considered as one of the founding fathers of mobile telephony, also surprised everyone with a reissue project of the RAZR. However, this reissue will take on all the most modern technologies. A priori, the phone will have a foldable screen which will allow it to make the size of a classic Razr once folded.

Once unfolded, it will size a conventional smartphone. Foldable smartphones could resuscitate valve phones !

Xiaomi’s foldable smartphone in mind in the hearts of Internet users

Since 2011 and the announcement of Samsung concerning the development of a foldable smartphone, the general public felt that nothing was happening and that technical problems were only eternally pushing the marketing of the first foldable smartphone. We discover today that a fierce race was actually delivered behind the scenes and that each manufacturer tried to take out its foldable smartphone first or, at least, in time.

In this relentless race, Samsung seems to be in the lead, despite the surprise appearance of Royole. Indeed, the South Korean brand will announce the release date of its foldable smartphone on February 20 and it seems to be the first to get it out. However, other manufacturers seem well advanced and ready to market their foldable smartphone in the coming months.

This is the case of Xiaomi.

The Chinese manufacturer has published a short video of less than a minute in which we see his CEO handling a foldable smartphone whose screen can fall back at both ends to get a classic smartphone. An interesting, original and very successful concept. The smartphone seems very well finished and it has panicked Internet users. So much so that all polls present it as the favorite foldable smartphone of Internet users, for the moment obviously.