Building business data good practices

Business data backup: good practices

The unavailability of data, whether it follows from a loss or theft, may have enormous consequences on the operation of your business. To avoid the ensuing inconvenience, the implementation of a backup system is essential. You still have to choose the right support, the one most suited to your needs.

Why save data from the’business ?

Within a company, a computer safeguard plan is the guarantor of the continuity of activities. The principle is to make one or more copies of sensitive information, stored in different locations.

You are never immune to a material failure or a human error. Statistics also reveal that among the recurring causes of data loss are the false manipulations. THE computer breakdowns or hard drive failure are also common.

Copies will prevent you from stopping activity in such situations.

There Business data backup is all the more useful with the Cyberattack multiplication. Malware can in particular block any right to access your data. How to secure a company data in this case ?

THE antivirus software are designed to limit the risks. But they are not always effective. In addition, threats do not necessarily come from hacks.

We must not forget the physical claims, such as a flood or a fire.

Having a backup makes it possible to accelerate data recovery and resumption of activity. Such a precaution thus limits the financial cost of the incident.

Where should I save my professional data ?

Where should I save my professional data?

Have at least Three copies of your professional data is highly recommended. It will then be necessary to make a daily backup.

Also remember to diversify the supports used. Several solutions are available to you.

Backup on a hard drive

This is the most used solution, both by professionals and individuals. Benefit from a 500 GB storage capacity, Or more for some models, to keep your data permanently.

Bring the workstation of each of your employees in an external hard drive in particular. Access to files can then be locked. By opting for this alternative, you also have the advantage of handling.

You can indeed take your storage solution when traveling.

Storage on a NAS server

A NAS server is a storage solution connected to a local network. Users authorized to access the centralized location can store their data there and recover it.

Affordable in terms of cost, this solution is interesting. Especially since it offers a certain flexibility. Thanks to the scalability of NAS servers, you can easily increase the storage space, adding nodes to the cluster.

Outsourced backup

THE cloud computing constitutes another alternative for Business data backup. Your information will be stored online. They are accessible from any medium, wherever you are.

There are many advantages of cloud computing. He notably promotes the mobility. You can also use an external server.

This type of storage is offered by companies specializing in accommodation.

The cloud and the external server allow off -site storage. They facilitate access to your data in the event of an incident in your premises.

What medium does not allow you to save your IT data ?

What medium does not allow you to save your computer data?

Several criteria must be taken into account for Choose a storage support. You must take into account:

  • There storage capacity : you need a support adapted to the volume of data to be saved;
  • There reliability : the support chosen must guarantee the integrity of the data over time;
  • There security : a security system that limits data access is essential to reduce the risk of theft;
  • THE time time : it is particularly long on certain supports. This can make the task complex when you want to have your data.

According to these parameters, some supports will not necessarily be appropriate for use in the professional environment. This is the case of magnetic strip, the storage capacity of which is limited and the long access time.

Likewise, the CR-ROM or DVD-ROM type discs will be difficult to adopt for a professional. They can damage over time.

Finally, if the USB key Allows you to transport files occasionally, it can hardly serve as a backup solution. Its storage capacity remains limited.