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Snapchat tutorial: snapcodes, how it works ?

Snapcodes notably allow you to add friends, lenses, filters or exclusive content on Snapchat. Thus, they prove to be particularly practical for members of the network. These variants of QR codes can also be scanned from the camera or the multimedia gallery of your mobile.

As a result, these codes clearly facilitate socialization and navigation on the platform.

What is a snapcode ?

Snapcode is simply a revisited version of the QR code according to Snapchat. The QR code itself is a reinvention of the barcode. It was mainly popularized by e-merchants and the main digital players. As a reminder, the QR code is made up of black dots spread over a white background and framed in a square.

The place of these elements is unique and refers to specific information.

Likewise, each member of Snapchat has their own snapcode. The digital code is thus linked to a single user. So this is a great way to identify people and brands evolving on the network.

To do what ? This solution allows, among other things, to facilitate additions to the list of friends. It also serves to attribute privileges of loyalty or attendance to active members.

Snapcode is quite easy to recognize through its yellow background and square with rounded edges. This color is also part of the graphic identity of Snap Inc. Beyond these details, blackheads work exactly like the elements visible on a QR code.

They thus refer to precise information which is accessible thanks to a dedicated database.

For find your snapcode, Just click on the Ghost logo at the top of the app screen. This small white ghost also allows users to access the Settings menu. On the displayed page, you will discover the snapcode of your profile.

Many brands now use this yellow code with small black dots on their advertising media. Thanks to snapcode, you have the possibility of quickly accessing their accounts on Snapchat.

How to use snapcode ?

There is currently a myriad in ways to use snapcodes. Basically, the idea is to facilitate the addition of an account to your friends list. You can easily share and scan the snapcodes. The purpose of the action depends, however, the profile and context. For example, companies use it in particular for:

  • Increase the number of subscribers on their Snapchat accounts;
  • Transform the experience into a store;
  • Animate the relationship with customers;
  • Buzz and teasers consumers;
  • Multiply the brand ambassadors;
  • Value members of their online community through surveys and product or services tests;
  • Propose exclusive content to subscribers in order to strengthen the commitment of customers and prospects.

Snapcodes are also very popular with professionals working visual trades (graphic designers, artists, models, photographers, etc.). They actually allow find and follow a profile, without necessarily knowing or looking for his name. Besides, identifiers are often problematic on social networks.

Snapchat aims to avoid these inconveniences with its unique identification codes.

Add a friend

You can easily add a friend, if you have access to your snapcode on a mobile phone or computer. To do this, just scan your code in the application or use a saved photo on your device. In detail, the first method consists of:

  • Open the application on your smartphone or tablet;
  • Touch the small white ghost to open the parameters;
  • Click on add friends, then add by snapcode;
  • Scan the Snap code using your camera.

If you do not want to use the device, you can also enter a screenshot or a snapcode photo. In this case, you will have to carry out other operations after the step add friends. On the next screen, click on the ghost icon to the right of the search bar.

Then choose the image containing the user snapcode to add.

There are also even simpler alternatives, accessible from the camera interface or the Snapchat application. In both cases, you must Place the code to add behind your device lens. Concretely :

  • Display your friend’s code on his laptop, tablet or computer;
  • Open the camera or the Snapchat application;
  • Aim for snapcode, as if you were going to take a picture of it;
  • Instead of taking a shot, press the screen for a long time.

From the camera interface, this technique will lead to a link to add the person associated with this code. On the other hand, it will allow the user directly to add to the application.

Personalize your code on snapchat

If you open your snapcode for the first time, the application will display a note under the yellow square. She will then invite you to add a lively selfie to your code to personalize it. To do this, just touch the small ghost of Snap. You will then reveal the camera.

Then press the button at the bottom of the camera to take the five selfies required to create the animation.

It is also possible to use a classic selfie. In any case, your selfie (animated or not) will be used to fill the central zone of the snapcode occupied by the ghost. Your friends will be able to recognize you when you share your Snap code.

You can also give way to the logo, if you prefer not to take selfies. This white will have no impact on the operation of the snapcode.

For Send your code to a friend, The simplest solution is to make a screenshot. You only need to go to the application interface containing your snapcode. Once the code is displayed, capture the item on the screen and search for the image destination folder.

Select the photo, then send the file through the desired channel.