Everything about the different types of recruitment platforms

Everything about the different types of recruitment platforms

You need to recruit urgently ? You are looking for the rare pearl for a key position in your business ? The means to recruit today’huge, and above all mainly digital. Indeed, e-recruitment platforms have taken a considerable place in this area. Between sites D’Employment offer, social networks and digital recruitment platforms, here are the players to consider in your recruitment strategy.

Job Boards “

There are a large number of sites’Online job offers. It can therefore be difficult for a recruiter to choose the best site for his needs. You should know that some sites are general practitioners While D’others are specialized by sector or by region.

To guide your choice, take into account the number of candidates in your sector D’activity or your region, the quality of information, and’adequacy between your budget and the platform prices.

Several generalist platforms dominate the market, including Indeed, MonstER, APEC, Pôle emploi, or regionsjob. Among the specialized recruitment platforms, we can cite Linkfinal For the field of finance, Thursdays For IT, etc.

Indeed is the most used generalist site. VS’is a job search engine that will look for its information in several other sites. He is Very consulted by candidates, Because they find all the announcements posted on dozens of’other sites.

The advantage for an employer is therefore’to be visible by millions of candidates each month ! You can publish your ads, pay to promote them to targeted candidates, but also manage applications and program interviews.

Monster is highly appreciated for the features of its site, modern and dynamic. He offers employers tailor -made support and Advanced features. For example, it offers a mobile application Monster Studio which allows the recruiter to add to his advertisement a video to attract new talents.

A human dimension much appreciated by the candidates ! Monster also offers a Cv library allowing to search and very easily manage candidates corresponding to your requirement criteria.

THE Job Boards are essential in recruitment. If you want to use several, tools allow them to pool them to simplify your task.

The portals of use or & quot; Job Boards & quot;

Digital recruitment platforms

Not to be confused with the job boards, the Digitalized recruitment platforms are intermediaries Between you, recruiter and candidates. Indeed, a digitalized recruitment platform acts as an agency that employs candidates. They’So address to recruiters who want to delegate recruitment and the management of candidates for a third party.

These platforms are sort of agencies’fully digital interim. By posting announcements, they attract candidates and build up important CV banks. Their digital approach Allows you to scan CV quickly to identify the most promising candidates.

Applications are then studied by a person to identify the final candidate.

The young generations are increasingly using these platforms, adapted to their operating mode.

Digital recruitment platforms

Do not forget social networks

In addition to recruitment platforms, it is absolutely not necessary to neglect the social networks ! But the most popular social networks are not necessarily the most suitable for recruitment. They’Also acts not to scatter and choose the one that best adapts to your expectations.

If the Facebook business page Allows companies to create job offers for free (their promotion is paid), Facebook remains a tool not specialized in recruitment.

The social network of predilection at the’Up to LinkedIn. This has more than 500 million members around the world (including more than 16 million in France) and offers more than 14 million online job offers. As an employer, you can Create a business page, publish and the booster by paying, in addition to’have access to candidates profiles.

Internal messaging allows direct contact to exchange with candidates.

A study has shown that 90 % of recruiters regularly use Linkedin. In addition, employees recruited from the site are 40 % less likely to leave the company in the first 6 months. Linkedin is the’place to recruit highly qualified talents.