HRMS response to the problem of talent management in companies

HRIS: the response to the talent management problem in companies

Supporting employees in a company is a task that is the responsibility of human resources services. But to facilitate all processes and optimize the results of the company, the digital tool has become essential. Indeed, the SIRH software has truly transformed the company but can it really simplify everything ?

Individualized support

In the business world, selling products has nothing to do with issuing services. And that, the Norauto teams understood this. Indeed, these employees had to prepare the new positioning of their company. But this great transformation could not be done without the total adhesion of all the teams.

This is why the group has created complete support software based essentially on training.

So, to quickly and massively disseminate this new information, the only really effective tool is none other than the SIRH portal. At Norauto, there are more than 11,000 employees and 670 points of sale.

In other words, human resources have no choice but to turn to digital to fluidify all information processes. And in a context in which talent management has become essential, all HR services use the digital tool (SIRH software) to go to a higher scale.

Digitalization at the service of professionals

The internationalization of organizations prompted companies to adopt powerful and efficient digital tools to simplify their organization. For example, the Volvo group was able to deploy its new HR policy simultaneously in more than 190 countries thanks to its SIRH software. It is therefore via this SIRH portal that the whole strategy of the group could be made visible to 100,000 employees at the same time.

Total optimization for the company

To go even further, you should know that new technologies make it possible to boost the SIRH in order to represent precisely all the internal resources available. Skills to be obtained, evolution desires or succession plans, everything is mapped in the software.

In conclusion, SIRH is a real response to the talent management problem. Indeed, it optimizes training, mobility but also and above all recruitments. Thanks to digital, companies can evolve and achieve even more ambitious objectives.

These software perfectly respond to Human resources needs And they will also greatly facilitate recruitments and therefore participate in a dynamic of job creation.