Registering your own trademark is not as complicated as you think

L’registration of your own trademark n’is not as complicated as you think

When starting a business’a project of’s start-up, the’One of the procedures to follow is the’s registration’a brand. As long as’it is not’is not registered, it is not’does not exist. Therefore, this step should be taken as soon as possible.

How to register a brand’company ?

It s’s business’management that’This is not complicated at all, as it can also be done by a trusted agency such as Help T SMEs. But for those who want to know them, here are the steps to follow for the’Recording of’ons, you will not be able to.

From the choice of name to the’s approval: these are the steps of the’a trademark registration project’a brand.

To register a trademark, you must choose a name or logo, or both, and check that’they are not already registered in order not to have problems with the registration’other brands and that the process is delayed. Then you must choose the number of classes of the nomenclature (Nice classification) in which you want to register the mark.

Then, you must fill out the application form’registration of your own trademark is not as complicated as you think’The data are captured and analyzed by a specialized camera system, which is dependent on a national brand, which can be downloaded directly from the Internet site of the company’Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (SPTO). After that, the official fees are paid, through the corresponding model or letter of payment. Once completed, it is printed and paid to the bank.

Three copies of the application must be printed, accompanied by the letter of payment already paid and stamped by the company’entity, and addressed to an office of the’OTPS. You can also send the documentation by registered mail, stamping the first page of the application at the post office and collecting the date and time’time of deposit.

The SPTO examines the application and, if necessary, issues a certificate’it does’If there is no defect in form or mark opposite, the’The interested party is informed, of’It is necessary to inform the applicant, first by e-mail and then by registered letter, that the trademark has been registered for a period of ten years, after which it must be renewed for the same period, etc.

This title confers all rights on the trademark. For the convenience of the’Once the application has been completed, it is printed and paid to the bank as the user, the OTPS sends, with the notification, a link to download the document online.

Two common mistakes you should not make when applying for a trademark’registration of your trademark
As the’registration of’If a trademark is often the task of new entrepreneurs, several mistakes are often made during the process and should be avoided. But to the’interior of’them, it is necessary to’There are two in particular that should be taken into account, as they are quite frequent and important.

L’one of these is a failure of the’Register a company with one name, then launch a brand with a different name. If you want to link the’If a company has a trademark, the two names must coincide from the very first moment, in order to avoid any confusion’get the best possible positioning. It is also necessary to verify that the domain is available on the Internet, a step that must necessarily be taken to create a domain name’an online business.

Another error that’under no circumstances should be committed, and that is nevertheless committed, is to choose an inappropriate name. This is of great importance’It is not advisable to send the application by registered mail, especially since the change of name of the applicant is not a problem’can be very damaging for the company’This title confers all the rights on the registered trademark, because another company could take it over’The former name and the clients could find themselves in competition by mistake.

It is advisable to choose a name with the brand in mind’This title confers all the rights on the registered trademark, because another company could take the action of internationalization, because the trademark must be built precisely for this purpose. It must be’act of’a name easily recognizable in another language, without -ñ (Spanish letter), and which does not sound bad and cannot be in bad taste when translated into another language. And if anything is fundamental, it is the fact that the company is not the only one’is that’it is’acts of’s name is easy to remember, which does not mean that the virus is a virus’It does not’is not original or creative.